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Raindrop is the best Bookmarking App

When it comes to bookmarking apps, look no further than Raindrop—it reigns supreme. With its unrivaled features, seamless functionality, and effortless organization capabilities, Raindrop sets the bar high.

I have written about bookmarking apps before, and in my workflow, I use Raindrop every day. Without holding back, I can confidently say that Raindrop is, undoubtedly, the ultimate bookmarking app available today.

If you find yourself wondering why you should consider using a bookmarking app, here’s why – Storing bookmarks solely within your browser can become quite cumbersome and lacks scalability. On the other hand, bookmarking apps offer a comprehensive solution by not only allowing you to bookmark links, but also enabling you to save various types of digital content such as images and documents. If you, like myself, enjoy bookmarking a plethora of digital content for future reference, utilising a bookmarking app takes your organisational capabilities to the next level.

Having explored and experimented with numerous bookmarking apps such as Dropmark, Evernote, Walling, MyMind, Pinboard, and more, I can confidently affirm that Raindrop has surpassed all my expectations and fulfilled my every need. I have been a dedicated user of Raindrop for several years now. As someone who frequently switches apps and enjoys trying out new tools, my continued loyalty to Raindrop is a testament to its overall excellence.

One of the most outstanding aspects of Raindrop is its highly functional free tier, which proves to be more than sufficient for the majority of users, myself included. While Raindrop offers a paid tier with additional features for those who desire them, the extensive range of features available in the free version often makes me wonder if the service might be giving away too much for free. Raindrop, other than perhaps Notion, boasts the most remarkable free tier among any service I have personally encountered.

What truly captivates me about Raindrop is its inherent simplicity and user-friendliness. Saving content into the app is a breeze, whether it's through the phone app, browser extensions, or directly within the app itself. The beauty lies in the seamless synchronisation of all saved content across devices, ensuring accessibility from anywhere. Raindrop's availability across multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, further enhances its versatility. Additionally, the inclusion of a web version means there are no barriers for anyone eager to get started, as everything functions just as expected without any complications or limitations.

Raindrop excels in providing robust organization features. By default, all saved content is placed in the 'Unsorted' collection, but you have the freedom to create as many collections as you desire, allowing for meticulous organization according to your preferences. In my own account, I have created 46 distinct collections to neatly categorise my bookmarks. Moreover, paid users have the added benefit of creating nested collections for even more structured organization. Apart from collections, Raindrop also offers the option to use tags, enabling the assignment of one or more tags to each bookmark. This comprehensive system of collections and tags gives users all the necessary tools for effective organization.

Some of the Categories in my Account

Raindrop also offers a range of other features, including sharing collections, adding notes to bookmarks, easy import/export workflows, and integration with services like Raycast, Alfred, and Readwise Sync and more. Paid users enjoy benefits such as duplicate finding, broken link identification, permanent library, automatic backups to cloud storage, and more.

While many new apps, including MyMind and others, incorporate AI for organization and other features, Raindrop stands out by prioritising simplicity and straightforwardness. This is precisely what I admire about Raindrop. Unlike other apps that often overextend themselves by trying to encompass various functionalities such as note-taking or task management, Raindrop only focuses on bookmarking and organization. This commitment to its core function is what sets Raindrop apart. Personally, Raindrop has become an indispensable tool in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable solution for bookmarking and organizing their digital content.