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My Current Setup

What does my current setup look like? These are the top picks of the gadgets and apps that I use daily to get my work done.

What does my current setup look like? These are the top picks of the gadgets and apps that I use daily to get my work done.


‌‌📱 Phone
‌‌iPhone 14 Pro is my primary phone, which I have been using since launch. I intend to keep this phone for a minimum of three years.

👨🏻‍💻 Laptop
MacBook Air M2 is my person laptop that I bought for myself in December 2022. I also have a ‌‌MacBook Pro 16" given by my employer for work. It is the 2019 model with Intel i7 + 32 GB RAM + 512 SSD.

💻 Tablet
‌‌iPad Mini 6 is the only tablet device that I have. I used to have an iPad Pro until last year, but sold it after buying the MacBook Air M2.

🎮 Gaming
‌‌I have a Gaming PC which I had assembled way back in 2013. I have upgraded it significantly in 2017 with a new Cabinet, Storage and Graphics.

⌚️ Smartwatch
‌‌Apple Watch Series 7 is my smartwatch of choice that bought in 2021 immediately when it was released to upgrade my five-year-old Series 2.

‌‌‌‌🎧 Headphones
‌‌AirPods Max are my headphones of choice. I bought them in 2021, and it's great that it pairs with all my other Apple devices seamlessly.

🎵 Earphones
‌‌I have the AirPods 2 that I bought in 2020 to replace my first-gen AirPods. I use my AirPods so much that I possibly can't live without them.

📖 E-Reader
I have the Amazon Kindle Voyage that I bought in 2016. I had the Kindle Paperwhite before and later upgraded to the Voyage.

📺 Smart TV‌‌
I have the Apple TV that I bought in 2015. It doesn't support 4K, but it’s still going pretty well. I prefer this over FireStick or Android or Chromecast.

🔉 Smart Speaker
‌‌I have the original HomePod, which I got in 2018. The sound quality is fantastic and integrates really well with the rest of my devices.


💌 Mail
‌‌I have an Email hosted with my custom domain. I use Google Workspace as provider. I was using Hey Email before this.

🗓 Calendar
‌‌I use Apple Calendar that syncs to iCloud. I have moved away from Google Products several years ago and as part of that I moved to Apple Calendar‌‌‌‌

🏷 Contacts‌‌
I use Apple Contacts that syncs to iCloud. I have moved away from Google Products several years ago and as part of that I moved to Apple Contacts.‌‌‌‌

📷 Photos
‌‌I use Apple's iCloud Photo Library for backing up photos. I was a Google Photos user several years ago, but many sync issues made me move to iCloud Photos.

☁️ Cloud Storage
‌‌I use iCloud Drive as my cloud storage service. I have tried OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox as well, but since I use iCloud Photo Library, it makes it easier to use iCloud Drive as well.

📑 Notes
‌‌I use Mem for my knowledge management. Mem is powered by AI and has some wonderful tricks up its sleeve.

☑️ Tasks‌‌
I use Todoist for my task management. I was a Things 3 user but have since moved on to Todoist because I wanted to share lists with my wife.

🎵 Music‌‌
I use Spotify as my default music player. I was an Apple Music user before I decided to cancel my Apple One subscription and move to Spotify instead.

🔗 Bookmarks
‌‌I use Raindrop as my bookmark manager. I frequently save links to products, tweets, videos, articles and many more for later use and organise them. I was using Walling and then MyMind before, but have since moved to Raindrop.

🔑 Passwords
‌‌I use 1Password for my passwords and two-factor authentication needs. I was a LastPass user before but moved to 1Password for their better app experience.

🎤 Podcasts‌‌
I use Pocketcasts to subscribe to all my podcasts. I love listening to podcasts, and I spend a lot of time listening to them. Pocketcasts is the best app for this purpose.

👓 Reader
‌‌I use Unread 2 as my RSS reader. I was using Feedly and Reeder 5 before that, but have since moved to Unread for their better app experience.


‌‌🖥 Monitor
‌‌I have the LG Ultrafine 4K monitor, which is 27" wide. It is the higher end model that has a Type-C hub at the back along with two HDMI and two USB A slots.

⌨️ Keyboard
I use the Keychron K3 ultra-slim wireless on my desk, and it can connect to multiple devices at once. I connect it to both my MacBooks, and the Gaming PC.

🖱 Pointing Device
I use the Logitech MX Master 3. I used to use the Magic Trackpad until I had the Mac mini, but sold both since.

🎮 Gaming Controller
I use the Xbox Wireless Controller, Sport Special Edition in red colour to match my Gaming PC cabinet.

🕸 Mesh Wi-Fi
I use the TP-Link Deco M4 as my home mesh Wi-Fi system. It's a three pack system that supports Wi-Fi 5.

💾 External Storage
I use the Samsung T3 SSD as my hard disk. It is a tiny and compact device that has 512 GB in capacity, and I bought this in 2015.

🎙External Mic
I use the Maono AU-A04TR microphone that comes with a tripod that I use on my desk and is connected to my monitor via USB.

🔌 Powerbank
I have the Oppo 10000 mAh and Stuffcool 20000 mAh power banks. Both support Type C charging and fast charging.

I have the APC Back-UPS as a power backup and protection for my home office, desktop & other electronics.

‌‌⌁ Wi-Fi UPS
I use the Resonate RouterUPS system as power back for my routers so that my Wi-Fi is always powered on and connected.