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The Troubled Release of the iPhone 15 Pro

The launch of the iPhone 15 has brought about various user-reported issues. While a few of these concerns are noteworthy, all in all, it should be acceptable.

Photo by Yuheng Ouyang / Unsplash

Apple has just unveiled the iPhone 15 Pro, their newest flagship model. Over the years, Apple has consistently introduced new iPhone models without significant post-launch problems. The last notable issue emerged with the iPhone 6 and the 'bendgate' controversy and the iPhone 4’s ‘Antennagate’ before that. However, after several years, the release of the iPhone 15 Pro is riddled with various issues.


Overheating has emerged as a prominent concern following the launch of the iPhones 15. This issue primarily manifested during the initial setup phase when many users were configuring their new iPhones, leading to widespread overheating incidents.
Apple responded to this problem by issuing an iOS update, version 17.0.3, aimed at addressing overheating issues. However, despite the update, reports continue to surface from iPhone 15 Pro users experiencing persistent overheating problems, even after applying the iOS 17.0.3 update.

Thermal photo: iPhone 15 Pro warmest before iOS 17.0.3
Before iOS 17.0.3, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max would regularly get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit when fast-charging. Jason Hiner/ZDNET

FineWoven Case

Apple has introduced a new fabric option for iPhone 15 cases, marketing it as 'luxurious and durable' and positioning it as a premium alternative to the discontinued leather accessories.
However, the FineWoven iPhone cases have garnered negative reviews due to their susceptibility to scratching, staining, and attracting lint. Users have reported that these issues persist, raising concerns about the case's durability.
Another complaint has been about the narrow and imprecise cutout for USB-C, causing compatibility problems with many USB-C cables.
The poor quality of the FineWoven cases has resulted in a significant problem for Apple Stores that the employees are forced to replace these cases on display every day due to their rapid deterioration. In response to these issues, some Apple Store employees are recommending customers to explore silicone cases or third-party alternatives. This has led to the FineWoven case being touted as the worst accessory Apple's ever produced.


For the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple made a significant change by switching from stainless steel to brushed titanium for the frame material. This change was intended to make the iPhone 15 Pro lighter and more comfortable to hold.
However, some users have noticed what seems to be "discoloration" when the frame comes into contact with fingers. Apple has officially confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro models without a case may discolor the titanium frame but only temporarily. This is caused by the oil from the user’s skin.
Additionally, it has been discovered that the titanium frame may not be as durable as the previous stainless steel, as shown in various drop tests on YouTube and other online sources.



People have encountered an issue with their iPhone 15 when attempting to connect it to their cars using a cable for CarPlay. Despite charging the phone, CarPlay does not seem to function properly. Many speculate that this problem might be associated with the type of USB-C cables in use, particularly those with a USB-A end – a common configuration found in both cars and cables.

Screen Burn-In

Screen burn-in is essentially a ghosting effect, where traces of previous content remain on the screen even after you've switched to something else.
iPhone 15 Pro users have voiced concerns about screen burn-in issues, which leave traces of keyboards, wallpaper images, app icons, videos, and other static visuals.
It's important to note that this problem is not exclusive to iPhones but can affect any device equipped with an OLED screen. Nevertheless, it has raised particular worries among iPhone 15 Pro Max users.

Battery Life

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have exhibited slightly diminished battery life compared to their predecessors.
If you own an iPhone running the most recent general-release software, iOS 17.0, while your Apple Watch is operating on the pre-release software version, watchOS 10.1, you might encounter a battery drain issue.
However, the latest beta version of iOS 17.1, specifically the third beta, has tackled this problem and rectified it, as confirmed by Apple in the release notes for the same.

It's evident that there have been several issues with the recent iPhone releases, and they've only been available since September. It's important to highlight that while there may be more issues, none of them appear to reach the level of 'bendgate' and 'antennagate' from the past. If you don't encounter a defective screen, avoid the FineWoven case, and keep your device updated with the latest software, you should have a smooth experience. So, purchasing the iPhone 15 should not be a deal-breaker for most people.