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A small but significant upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7

I upgraded my old Apple Watch Series 2 after it became outdated and I waited a year for the Series 7, but it only had minor changes. I hesitated between buying the Series 7 or Series 6 at a lower price. Eventually, I went with the Series 7 because of one subtle yet significant change.

The Verge

Prior to October 2021, I relied on my trusty, old Apple Watch Series 2 for five years. However, as time went on, its performance significantly deteriorated, the watch became slow and the battery life dwindled. Furthermore, Apple discontinued updates for my Series 2, indicating that it was time for an upgrade.

I had originally planned to upgrade my Apple Watch in 2020, but decided to wait due to rumours of a major redesign in 2021. However, I was disappointed to find out that the Series 7 only had minor revisions and did not feature the anticipated redesign. I felt frustrated for waiting an additional year, realizing that I should have bought the Series 6 earlier. Now, I was left with the dilemma of purchasing the Series 7, which was not significantly different from the Series 6, or waiting yet another year while continuing to use my outdated Series 2. Alternatively, I could purchase the Series 6 at a reduced price before it went out of stock. None of these options were ideal, leaving me feeling dissatisfied with my choices.

At first glance, the Series 7 appears to be a minor upgrade, but upon closer inspection, a subtle change was made that significantly improved the user experience compared to the Series 6.

The most significant change in the Series 7 compared to the Series 6 is the 20% increase in display size, accompanied by smaller bezels that enhances the overall aesthetic of the watch. Once you notice this difference, it's hard to go back to the Series 6. The larger screen, combined with the sleeker design, is further accentuated when paired with this new watch face that complements the overall look and feel of the Series 7.

The Verge

Although most people may not consider this change as significant, as a display aficionado who prioritizes the visual experience above other features of the gadget, this change was anything but minor. Design and aesthetics are essential aspects for me when it comes to a gadget, and the larger, sleeker display of the Series 7 truly stood out. Even with the Series 6 being available at a lower price, I was convinced to invest in the Series 7. While there were additional upgrades such as improved display brightness and fast charging, it was the display that ultimately sealed the deal for me.