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Exploring Supernotes 3.1

Supernotes has been recently updated with some new AI features and general improvement. Are the updates enough to make Supernotes your daily driver?


Supernotes has been updated to version 3.1, bringing several enhancements such as improved editor features, faster share pages, and new additions like AI superpowers and Custom Collections.

In the past few years, note-taking apps have improved a lot, and there are many new options available, making the competition tough. Older apps like Evernote are less popular now, while free apps like Apple Notes are very popular. This makes it harder for new notes apps, especially paid ones, to attract users.

Supernotes is not one of the top notes apps in the market. It’s still a small player built by small company just run by two guys. But still I pay attention to this app, because the core idea of this app is really good, unique and strong.

In a PKM or Zettelkasten system, taking small notes is crucial. Your note-taking system should be designed to create many small notes, each with a single idea. This approach is central to PKM and Zettelkasten, and Supernotes excels at it.

If you haven't heard of Supernotes before, it's a notes app where notes are written as 'notecards.' This brings many benefits to the note-taking process. These cards can be any length, so you can capture ideas of any size without limitations. Whether it's a short sentence or a longer note, the notecard interface adjusts to fit the content, making even small notes feel right at home. This unique approach encourages users to capture all their thoughts and ideas without the usual constraints of traditional note-taking apps. Additionally, unlike traditional apps, Supernotes doesn't require folders or files, removing the hassle of organizing new notes.


I really don't understand why this app isn't more popular. It's probably because it's made by a small company with just two people. They likely don't have the marketing budget to spread the word.

With the 3.1 update, they introduced several improvements and new features. The new features are called AI superpowers, starting with Vision and Collection Creator. Vision uses AI to help you improve your notecards by fixing typos, catching grammatical errors, and suggesting tags and titles. Collection Creator lets you create a new collection of cards with just a prompt, like "all my cards containing the word new idea."
The update also includes a better editor with an improved typing experience, allowing you to add tags, emojis, and links using just the keyboard. Additionally, sharing pages now load 10 times faster.

Here's a video from the creators explaining the new features.

Are the updates enough to make Supernotes your go-to notes app? I don't think the 3.1 updates are significant enough to change the minds of those who didn't consider it before. However, the updates are good and show that the creators of Supernotes are thoughtfully using AI to improve note-taking, rather than forcing it on users. I do think it's worth considering Supernotes when choosing a note-taking app because it's easy, straightforward, and allows you to import and export notes, avoiding being locked in. If not for everyone, I would definitely recommend this app for students or people who are learning and studying something.