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Photo by Barbara Maroń / Unsplash

You are reading an edition from my new series called ✦ The Journal ✦ An exclusive space for members where I share my personal tech journey. It's free to subscribe.

I've been considering writing more about my hardware and software setup and my experiences with tech in general. As I mulled over this idea, I realised that this content would benefit from a more newsletter-like format—something personal and story-like, rather than generic blog posts. So, I decided to experiment with a new format. Although I'm not launching a newsletter, I've created a series format where I share my tech journey, where I write in a conversational tone directly addressing the audience.

I've set up a separate, isolated space on my website for this content, making it clear that each edition is part of an ongoing documentation of my journey. For now, it's a member-only space—free to subscribe—so only those truly interested can access it. This also helps me gauge the level of interest in this content. Currently, this series is published just on the web, but I can always convert it to a newsletter if needed.

I've always admired newsletters where the writer directly addresses their readers in a personal, conversational tone, sharing personal stories and a mix of various topics. Those are my favourite types of newsletters, and I've always wanted to create something similar. I think I've finally found an idea that I'm happy with to start writing like this.

So, here’s the new member only exclusive space where I document my personal tech journey! This is how the homepage of this space looks like

This is what any of the posts in this series, which I refer to as editions, looks like.

There's also an announcement bar at the top of the main homepage, informing users to explore this series. It's also been added to the navigation menu.

I've also added a new section for this series on the main homepage, positioned just below the hero section of the page.

I'm really pleased with how everything has turned out.

I'm not sure yet how often I'll post in this series. Ideally, I'd like to write every week, but I'm aiming to post at least twice a month.

So, you might ask, how are there already ten editions, all of which are backdated, even though this is a new series? I recently reviewed all the posts I've written about my personal tech journey – excluding general gadget or app reviews – and found ten such entries. To better organize my content, I moved them from the blog section to this new series. While it might seem odd to launch a new series with ten pre-existing posts from the past, consolidating all my personal journey content in one place felt like a good idea

I'm still debating whether this should be an open space for all or restricted to members only, but I lean towards making it a member-only space because it gives it a newsletter-like feel. This way, I can directly address the audience and have all readers subscribed as members, in case I decide to convert it into a newsletter later on. It also neatly separates the content on my website between personal and general stories.

That’s all I have for now, see you in the next edition. I'm excited to publish more to this series and hope I can count on your continuous support!

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I always appreciate hearing from my readers, so feel free to share your thoughts. I read every email! Thanks for being a subscriber and, once again, welcome to Hyper Quest and ✦ The Journal ✦

- Eshwar Nag