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Edition 12 - My Notes App Conundrum

The one where I talk about my dissatisfaction with my current notes app of choice and my confusion in identifying the right notes app for me.

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I have not been able to settle on a Notes App for few years now. I have gone from Evernote to Simplenote to Bear to Notion to Craft to Obsidian to Mem and then back to Craft to Apple Notes and finally back to Craft again.

This is my third time returning to Craft, and it feels like, craft is the one I'm leaning towards the most. I like Craft because it has excellent apps for both Mac and iPhone, plus a web version. The editor functionality is outstanding, especially on the phone, which is probably why I love this app the most. I also appreciate how spaces separate my personal notes from family notes, and I can share a space with my wife.

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