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Edition 4 - Why I am switching away from Safari

I explain my issues with Safari as my default browser on the Mac, including problems with the 1Password extension, Squarespace, and the tab groups feature. I have switched to a different browser and recommend others to do the same until these issues are resolved.

Photo by TheRegisti / Unsplash

I was exclusively using Safari for a while on my Mac as my default browser, but lately, I am not liking Safari and I have switched to another browser. No, this is the about the tabs debacle, in fact, I was one of those very few people who actually liked the new tabs design.

The biggest issue I had with Safari was with the 1Password extension, as it doesn’t work reliably. The extension doesn’t work like it does on Chrome or Edge, it seems to be in someway linked to the Mac app. Unless the Mac app is open and running, the extension wouldn’t respond. Many times the extension simply doesn’t open when clicking and would not be activated. It was incredibly frustrating because of that.

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