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Edition 9 - Why I chose to replace my Gaming PC with an Xbox

While my affection for owning a gaming PC spans my entire life, the simplicity, convenience, and cost-effectiveness presented by a console has swayed me towards choosing an Xbox as the replacement for my faithful gaming PC.

Photo by Billy Freeman / Unsplash

For over two decades, I've been immersed in the world of gaming on Windows PCs. Starting from my school days, a gaming PC has been a constant companion, shaping my journey into the realms of computers, programming, and technology. The influence of gaming PCs on my life has been profound, driving my passions and fostering my tech skills.

Throughout these years, I've owned three gaming PCs, with the most recent acquisition dating back to 2013, followed by a few internal upgrades in 2016. Since then, my gaming rig has remained unchanged. However, over the past year, my trusty PC has begun to struggle when running games, prompting the realisation that it's time to either upgrade or replace my beloved gaming setup.

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