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The iPad mini Experiment

Why I sold my iPad mini.

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In a previous blog post, I detailed my experience with an iPad Pro that I owned from 2019 to 2022. I explored the reasons behind my decision to part ways with the iPad Pro and opt for a MacBook Air M2 instead. Since making that switch, my productivity has soared, and I've found myself accomplishing much more.

This year, I made the choice to purchase an iPad mini with the intention of using it for my daily reading of RSS feeds and newsletters, and conveniently carrying it in my EDC Sling Bag while I'm out and about. I envisioned it on my nightstand, anticipating a nightly routine of picking it up before bed for some reading time.

The iPad mini, 6th gen, has an irresistibly charming design and is adorable to look at. The symmetrical bezels, sleek build, and exceptional quality, makes it feel and look amazing. The overall aesthetics, the delightful and appealing vibe, entices you to buy one.

However, despite these well-thought-out intentions and the adorable design, things didn’t go as planned. Each passing day, the iPad mini remained untouched, gathering dust on my nightstand. Its usage was minimal, rarely picked up for browsing. I found myself continuing to use my phone itself for reading due to convenience. Additionally, I hadn't been delving into books as much as I anticipated, rendering the iPad mini largely unused.

Whenever I did use it, the experience felt remarkably awkward. Typing was a challenge and never felt quite comfortable, and watching videos didn't deliver a satisfying experience either. The only area where it excelled was in serving as a reading device. Its size and user experience made it an excellent tool specifically for reading, and I liked it more than the Kindle in this regard.

However, my limited reading didn't warrant keeping the iPad mini. The iPad mini might have been the most adorable device that I have owned after the 11” MacBook and though I still favour using the iPad mini over any Kindle for reading, I consistently felt that the money invested in it could be more useful elsewhere than letting the device collect dust on my nightstand. Let's be clear, the iPad mini isn't a budget-friendly device; it comes with a considerable price tag, So I ended up selling my iPad mini.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming blog post where I'll detail how I allocated the funds from selling the iPad mini.